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  • 작성자 사진Hee Seok Yang

Wet tissue adhesive polymeric powder hydrogels for skeletalmuscle regeneration.

Academic Journal

Bioactive Materials

Wet tissue adhesive polymeric powder hydrogels for skeletalmuscle regeneration.

10 June 2024

Impact Factor: 18.9


Mingyu Lee, Daun Seo, Junggeon Park, Sun Hong Lee, Jin Jeon, Woochan Kim, Jangho Kim, Hee Seok Yang, Jae Young Lee


Volumetric muscle loss (VML) frequently results from traumatic incidents and can lead to severe functional disabilities. Hydrogels have been widely employed for VML tissue regeneration, which are unfortunately ineffective because of the lack of intimate contact with injured tissue for structural and mechanical support. Adhesive hydrogels allow for strong tissue connections for wound closure. Nevertheless, conventional adhesive hydrogels exhibit poor tissue adhesion in moist, bleeding wounds due to the hydration layer at the tissue–hydrogel interfaces, resulting in insufficient performance. In this study, we developed a novel, biocompatible, wet tissue adhesive powder hydrogel consisting of dextran-aldehyde (dex-ald) and gelatin for the regeneration of VML. This powder absorbs the interfacial tissue fluid and buffer solution on the tissue, spontaneously forms a hydrogel, and strongly adheres to the tissue via various molecular interactions, including the Schiff base reaction. In particular, the powder composition with a 1:4 ratio of dex-ald to gelatin exhibited optimal characteristics with an appropriate gelation time (258 s), strong tissue adhesion (14.5 kPa), and stability. Dex-ald/gelatin powder hydrogels presented strong adhesion to various organs and excellent hemostasis compared to other wet hydrogels and fibrin glue. A mouse VML injury model revealed that the dex-ald/gelatin powder hydrogel significantly improved muscle regeneration, reduced fibrosis, enhanced vascularization, and decreased inflammation. Consequently, our wet-adhesive powder hydrogel can serve as an effective platform for repairing various tissues, including the heart, muscle, and nerve tissues.

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