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  • Gunhee Lee1,2, Yong Whan Choi1,3, Taemin Lee1,2

Nature-inspired rollable electronics

최종 수정일: 2020년 9월 22일

Academic Journal

NPG Asia Materials

Volume 11, Article number: 67 (2019)

Impact Factor : 9.157


Gunhee Lee1,2, Yong Whan Choi1,3, Taemin Lee1,2, Kyung Seob Lim4, Jooyeon Shin1,2, Taewi Kim5, Hyun Kuk Kim6, Bon-Kwon Koo7,8, Han Byul Kim9, Jong-Gu Lee2, Kihyeon Ahn5, Eunhan Lee5, Min Suk Lee10, Jin Jeon10, Hee Seok Yang10, Phillip Won2, Seongho Mo11, Namkeun Kim11, Myung Ho Jeong12, Yeonwook Roh5, Seungyong Han5, Je-Sung Koh5, Sang Moon Kim11, Daeshik Kang 5 and Mansoo Choi1,2

Abstract Inspired by the rolling mechanism of the proboscis of a butterfly, rollable electronics that can be rolled and unrolled to a great extent on demand are developed. Generally, electronic devices that are attached to various surfaces to acquire biosignals require mechanical flexibility and sufficient adhesive force. The rollable platform provides sufficient force that grips onto the entire target surface without destroying the target organ. To prove the versatility of our device not only in gripping and detecting biosignals from micro objects but also in performing a variety of functions, thin-film electronics including a heater, strain sensor and temperature sensor are constructed on the rollable platform, and it is confirmed that all the electronics operate normally in the rolled and unrolled states without breakdown. Then, micro bio-objects are gripped by using the rollable platform, and their tiny motions are successfully detected with the sensor on the platform. Furthermore, the detection of the pulse wave signals of swine under diverse experimental conditions is successfully conducted by rolling up the rollable system around the blood vessel of the swine, the result of which proves the feasibility of a rollable platform as a biomedical device.

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