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“Topographically Defined, Biodegradable Nanopatterned Patches to Regulate Cell Fate and Acceleration of Bone Regeneration”
Publication @ ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (IF 8.097)
Min Suk Lee,†,‡ Dong Hyun Lee,† Jin Jeon,† Se Heang Oh,†,‡ and Hee Seok Yang*,†,‡
“Electroconductive nanopatterned substrates for enhanced myogenic differentiation and maturation”
Publication @ Advanced Healthcare Materials (IF 5.76)
H.S. Yang, B. Lee, J. H. Tsui, J. Macadangdang, S.Y. Jang, S.G. Im*, D.H. Kim*,
Macromolecular Bioscience.jpg
“Biodegradable nanotopography combined with neurotrophic signals enhances contact guidance and neuronal differentiation of human neural stem cells”
Publication @ Macromolecular Bioscience (IF 3.85)
K. Yang, E. Park, J.S. Lee, I.S. Kim, K. Hong, K.I. Park, S.W. Cho*, H.S. Yang*

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